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Photographer ◼ model ◼ musician

TVsIVs Reprogrammed


13th-16th Milwaukee, WI
16th-18th Minneapolis, MN
18th-21st Chicago, IL
20th-23rd Detroit, MI
23rd-25th Pittsburgh, PA
25th-27th Philadelphia, PA
28th-30th Baltimore, MD/D.C.
30th-31st North Carolina

1st Silver Run Falls, Cashiers, NC
24th-30th Daytona Beach, Florida

1st Daytona Beach, Florida

Nearby areas/in-between cities is optional

If you are interested in booking a future shoot, please send an email with your location, portfolio, and contact information to

Local to North Georgia when not actively traveling

A portrait of Lilith wearing a purple sparkling dress. She stands in front of some purple-red flowers and looks off to the right.

About the Artist...

Lilith Jenovax is a 27-year-old multifaceted artist that is skilled in photography, modeling, music, acting, writing, and creating conceptual pieces.


Before obtaining her bachelor's degree in psychology, she studied as an art major, going on to pursue her own as a full time freelance artist. She has been published multiple times as a model, both nationally and internationally, has been nationally published as a photographer, and she has acted in award winning films and creative short films. In 2021, she released her full length freshman album 'Only Temporary'. She has exceptional skills in professional editing, posing, composition, writing, and design, and continues to research and perfect her craft in multiple avenues.

Her services are desired by anyone needing portrait or event work, portfolio development, promotional pieces, vocal tracks, writing content, acting, or modeling for a product or an artist's vision. 

Underwater Modeling

Underwater modeling by Lilith

Boudoir Modeling

Boudoir & art nude modeling by Lilith

Boudoir Modeling

Boudoir & art nude modeling by Lilith

Modeling Art Boudoir

Styled boudoir modeling by Lilith

Lifestyle/Bridal Modeling

Lifestyle & bridal modeling by Lilith

Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography by Lilith J. Photography

Bridal Photography

Artistic forest bridal photography by Lilith J. Photography

Moody Portrait Photography

Portrait photography by Lilith J. Photography

Lifestyle Portrait Photography

Lifestyle, portrait, & boudoir photography by Lilith J. Photography

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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