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Photography Services

  • Portraits in studio or on location 2 hrs 10-15 HR edits

    375 US dollars
  • Intimate boudoir portraits & sets 2 hrs 10-15 HR edits +Add-ons

    375 US dollars
  • Professional headshots 30 minutes 2-3 HR edits

    150 US dollars

Modeling Services

Palla di Cristallo.jpg

Terms & Conditions


Concrete Wall

*** I am fully vaccinated & updated on medical safety protocols

I have tattoos on some of my fingers, my neck, ears, right rib, left hip, thighs, feet, left wrist, and the inside of the left arm. My tattoos can be easy to cover up or pose around depending on the project. I am also fine with them being edited out/covered up with makeup. I can assist in editing if requested.

I have multiple piercings (nose, lip, navel, nipples, ears) but these can be removed upon request.

$300 for 2 hours & $500 for half-day (4 hrs) or $875 for full day (8 hrs) for everything up to art nude & lifestyle nude. Erotica/fetish work is $200+ per hour. 1 hour bookings can be considered at $150+.

I rarely extend TFP but I can consider it for incredible concepts, wardrobe, makeup, locations

*** By sending me a RETAINER, you are not only decreasing the amount you owe me, but you are also letting me know that you are serious about our project and value my time and money in resources to get to you. I have multiple references you can contact regarding my professionalism and reliability. I have never kept a client's retainer without fulfilling my job duties. Retainer is non-refundable. Payment of retainer is agreement to all terms stated here.

***I must receive a retainer, phone number to contact you by, and a location/address of the project in order to book your session.

***By booking with me, you agree not to touch me without consent under any circumstances. I am a model; I am not a mannequin.

*** If our shoot is scheduled to be outside, you are responsible for providing a plan B if that location is cancelled due to weather inconveniences. However, I'm usually down to shoot in the rain. 

*** If you CANCEL your shoot with less than 7 days notice while I am touring/traveling, you will be charged the full amount for the session.
If, for any reason, you cancel without paying a proper retainer, you will be charged a cancellation fee.
If I do not receive this, I will not work with you again until the debt is paid.
I prefer to reschedule as opposed to cancel, when applicable.
(New Note: if I already traveled to your area and would have to travel there again, over 90 miles to reschedule, you'll likely need to provide another retainer for our session, understandably)

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